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Shaving Cream for Man and Woman in India


dettol shaving cream india

The concept of manhood and masculinity has been evolving since ages. It has gone through a massive change from the earlier raw and rugged concept to the comparatively softer versions that we see today.

There is a very interesting historical backdrop to this change. Almost all across the medieval era, people lived in grave insecurity. Wars and battles were common, and men were looked upon as warriors and saviours. Due to this perception, men were expected to look tough with hair on chest and a beard on the face. The use of any beauty products like cosmetics or shaving cream was unthinkable.dettol shaving Cream

However, as the world became comparatively more stable and peaceful, women started looking at men not only as warriors, but also as co-workers, companions and confidants. As the times changed, it was not unfashionable for men to be sensitive and show emotions. Thus was born the concept of the metrosexual man.

The advent of metrosexual is a result of diminishing of the dividing lines between the two genders. It is essentially an urban concept and that too specifically in the middle-class and upper income households.

These are men who are extremely particular about their looks and grooming. They would use the best of hair gels and shaving creams. They would not hesitate to use face creams to improve complexion. And yes, they would actually use talcum powers and deodorants instead of flaunting their manly sweat.

When it comes to the concept of metrosexuality, hair is an important point of discussion. Metrosexual men are especially keen on avoiding body hair, be it on face or chest. So you will find them waxing and using hair removal creams extensively. A bare chest is the essential characteristic of the metrosexual man.

Another interesting aspect is the choice of colours. These are men who are not afraid to experiment with colours. So don’t be surprised to see soft and pastel colours in their wardrobe that are characteristic to females. Same goes for their choice of accessories. Metro men are known to use a lot of bracelets and fashion jewelry.

Essentially, I see the metrosexual man as a result of lines diminishing between the male and female concept. It’s about men who are not keen on going overboard trying to flaunt their manliness. In fact, these are men who are confident with their manhood and are willing to experiment, to be creative, and to play with their looks, attire and grooming.


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